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Chat rooms were introduced in the mid 1990's. This creative concept made it possible for people to communicate with others living in different parts of the country and globe. Moreover, it afforded the opportunity for family and friends to communicate with distant loved ones. In the past decade, chat rooms have evolved into a global phenomenal. Initially teenagers and young adults occupied chat rooms. Teen chat and kid chat rooms were a huge hit. It did not take long for teens to develop a long list of internet buddies in which they could frequently instant message and email.

Although chat rooms began as a favorite teen pastime, adults quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Adult chats are ideal for those seeking companionship or romance. Many internet service providers offer chat features. However, free chats are available for individuals whose internet provider to do provide chat features. Free chats are available for a variety of interests. These include gay chats for individuals with alternative lifestyles. Many enter chat rooms with the sole intent of engaging in sexual conduct such as cyber sex or viewing nude photographs of other online chatters. Individuals who want to avoid these advances may prefer Christian chat rooms.

Chat rooms are also available for singles that are looking to connect with someone special. These chat rooms are generally linked with dating services. Members of a particular site may create a profile that list their interests and qualities. Single chats allow members to send personal messages to those who have similar interests. Additionally, recovery chats are gaining a lot of attention. These chats allow individuals overcoming addictions or abuse to communicate with other who are undergoing similar problems. New technology has seen the birth of chat enhancements. Today, those with instant messaging capabilities are able to engage in video chat. Moreover, mobile phone chats are possible with text messaging.

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