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Individuals who are knowledgeable about historic American events are likely familiar with the fireside chats. The fireside chats were given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944. During these years, Americans were undergoing hard times. This was primarily a result of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a global recession that began in 1929, and continued until 1939. During this decade, the economy hit rock bottom. There was a record high unemployment rate, bank failures, and the stock market crash. Understandably, these years of severe economic troubles caused major struggling and despair for American citizens. In an attempt to lift hopes, President Franklin D. Roosevelt began addressing the American public on evening radio stations.

The primary purpose of the fireside chats was to provide a sense of hope. Millions of people were uncertain about the future. Jobs were few, thus household heads were unable to put food on the table. President Roosevelt had faith that America would overcome the Great Depression. In order to boost spirits, and to help citizens of the United States maintain confidence, he began addressing the public and explaining plans for a future program, known as the New Deal. The New Deal was a legislative plan that was put into service to free the United States from the Depression

The fireside chats primarily focused on the New Deal. President Roosevelt felt that is was necessary to keep the American public aware of governmental plans to rescue them from this state of despair. The purpose was to help citizens understand his policies and actions that would soon take place. Roosevelt felt that the Depression was mainly due to market instability. Additionally, he strongly felt that legislature intervention was necessary to rectify the problem. Roosevelt continued delivering fireside chats until a few years after the Depression.

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