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When many think of phone chat they may envision meaningful conversations between family and friends. Prior to the days of email and instant messaging, phone chat was the only means of communicating. This was not a problem for local family and friends; however those conversing with persons living in different parts of the country would incur a huge phone bill. Sadly, this limited conversations. However, modern technology now makes it possible for loved ones to communicate freely without a huge expense by choosing cell phone carriers with accomodating service plans.. Although many are using the internet for communication, phone chat is not considered obsolete.

In recent years, many enhancements have come along that keeps people talking on their phones. In the early 1990's, mobile phones were primarily used by wealthy people or for business purposes. These phones were bulky and the service plans were expensive. In the mid to late 1990's, 1 in 5 teenagers owned a cell phone. Unfortunately, the coverage area was limited, and many were unable to use their phones outside their local region or state.
By early 2000, mobile phone plans had improved which allowed nationwide calling. More and more mobile phone carriers offering many cell phone brands came onto the communications scene and free long distance services re-opened the doors of phone chat, and allowed many to communicate freely with friends and family.

Today, practically everyone owns a cell phone, which makes phone chat simple. Mobile phones offer a level of privacy. Many will customize their phones with music ring tones, backgrounds, and so forth. Because mobile phones provide a level of privacy, many companies are capitalizing on this. Several phone chat services are available that offer lives adult chat on mobile phones. There is also adult content for mobile phones. This includes cell phone screensavers, backgrounds or wallpapers of sexy women, and a photo gallery of hot girls and adult themed cell phone ringtones. These extra mobile phone features are sure to make chatting on the phone more enjoyable.

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