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Chat rooms usually call to mind a group of teenagers or singles looking for friends or romance. Chat rooms are a fairly new concept. They were initially introduced by internet service providers in the mid 1990's. The ideal of being able to communicate with people across the global became a huge hit and continues to increase in popularity each year. In the beginning, chat rooms were primarily used for entertainment or amusement. However, many companies and organizations recognized that chat rooms could be useful for more than finding romance. Hence, the birth of recovery chat rooms.

Recovery chat rooms are a great concept because they provide support and encouragement for those recovering from addiction, abuse, and so forth. Today, millions of people suffer problems related to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and physical abuse. Additionally, a large number of the population struggle with problems such as shyness and depression. When people image recovery chat rooms, they immediately associate these with severe problems such as overcoming addiction and abuse. Although rare, recovery chat forums will also benefit those overcoming personal problems. Recovery chats are available for every possible addiction under the sun including sex addiction, food addiction, smoking, and shopping addiction.

Recovery chats are beneficial because they allow open communication between individuals who are undergoing the same problem. In most cases, those recovering from some form of addiction are receiving professional help. However, chat rooms and forums provide additional support. Recovering addicts learn that they are not alone. Moreover, some recovery chat rooms include moderators or experts that are willing to provide support and answer questions. Experts that engage in live chat sessions are generally recovery specialist or counselors that are trained in various areas of addiction and recovery. Recovery chats are generally free to join. A simple online search for recovery chat rooms will present a wide selection of suitable forums.

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