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Chat rooms are popular for several reasons. Since their introduction in the mid 1990's, millions of adults and children have ventured into chat rooms for innocent fun. The best feature of chat rooms is that they include rooms for all individuals regardless of age or interest. Most internet providers offer chat capabilities. However, individuals who subscribe to a service without a chat feature may join one of several online free chats. These chat rooms are sponsored by organizations with the goal of connecting those with similar interests. Among these chat rooms includes singles chat.

Singles chat rooms are included on many dating websites. Some people are hesitant to begin an internet romance. This is a valid concern. However, thousands of people have discovered love while browsing dating or singles chat rooms. Most chat rooms for singles include features such as searchable personal profiles. Those looking to make a love connection may browse profiles of other members and send a message to possible suitors. This is likely the easiest way to meet other singles. Singles chat rooms cater to all people. Thus, gays and lesbians may also find success. On average, online dating services charge members a one-time or monthly fee. However, there are some singles chat rooms that do not charge a fee.

Again, some singles chat rooms are geared especially for special interests. For example, Christian singles looking for romance may join a chat room that is dedicated to Christians. In some cases, regular singles chat rooms are filled with perverted individuals wanting to engage in some form of cyber sex or trade pornographic pictures. A large number of singles do not enjoy this sort of behavior. These people are seeking legitimate relationships that will offer companionship and romance. Some consider single chat rooms for Christians beneficial because the majority of members are interested in up building, meaningful conversations.

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