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Teen chat rooms are popular across the globe. Chat rooms, which were introduced in the mid 1990's, have become a cultural phenomenal. It's a fact that teenagers and young adults love meeting new people. Prior to chat rooms, meeting people required going out on the weekends or attending social gatherings. Today, a teen can have a long list of close friends without even leaving their bedroom. Teen chat rooms are popular because they allow teenagers the opportunity to connect with people who live in different states and countries. They meet people who share similar interests. However, teen chat rooms may also pose a dangerous problem.

Chat rooms offer real-time conversations with people in other parts of the world. Most parents are aware that their children engage in online conversations. However, it has been estimated that approximately 80% of teenager enter chat rooms when their parents are not home or unavailable. Chat rooms can be safe, amusing fun. Nonetheless, it is important that parents monitor their teen's online use. Although teen chat rooms offer anonymity, parents should set guidelines. In a safe, moderated environment teenagers are generally safe to converse with whom ever is online. Moderators for teen chat rooms will usually detect inappropriate communication and end the conversation. However, a large percentage of teen chat rooms are not moderated. Thus, parents should discuss safety guidelines with their teen.

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Unfortunately, we live in a world with sick individuals. There are adults who enter teen chat rooms for the sole purpose of deceiving teenagers. These adults portray themselves as a fellow teen. They hope to gain the trust of teenagers, and arrange a meeting. In some cases, this meeting results in sexual misconduct. These prowlers are known as pedophiles, and teenagers entering chat rooms should remain alert to their cunning ways. To ensure protection, teens should never reveal their personal information such as name, address, phone number, and so forth. Additionally, teens should end conversations that make them uncomfortable, such as a person using profane language, or referring to sex. Importantly, teenagers should never arrange a face-to-face meeting. If a fellow chatter is insistent on meeting, teens should inform their parent or an adult. This individual may likely be a sexual predator.

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