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The introduction of internet chat rooms offered family and friends an inexpensive means of communicating. Prior to the internet and email, distant relatives and friends had to rely solely on the telephone for communicating. However, this means of communicating often resulted in a high telephone bill, which forced many to place limits on their telephone conversations. Fortunately, the low-cost of internet services affords open and limitless conversation. Family and friends can instant message or chat for hours without incurring a huge expense. Today, many have discovered an even better way to communicate with video chat.

Video chat involves the same concept of instant messaging or talking on the telephone. The only difference is that video chat has a camera that allows people communicating to view each other. Many internet providers already include a feature that allows video chat hook-ups. The only requirement is a camera and high-speed internet connection. Video chat is also available using a telephone line. This involves a person being able to view another while talking over the telephone. However, this method can become expensive because those communicating are responsible for paying the long distance fee. On the other hand, video chat using an instant messenger service is free.

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Video chat is beneficial for several reasons. The main reason why many install video chat is to have an easier means of communicating with relatives and friend living far away. Teenagers and young adults entering college may use video chat to talk with parents or partners. Moreover, soldiers stationed in different countries may use video chat to communicate with their family back home. Several businesses are also beginning to use video chat. Video conferencing software costs thousands of dollars to setup and maintain. Companies that have moderate conferencing needs may opt for video chat because it saves time and money.

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